Placement Management System

TerraLEAP has a comprehensive job portal with innovative technology for the organization who are providing man power to industry. It has been developed to address the needs of both employers and skilled job seeker.

  • Traditionally HRMS were designed to facilitate the management of all resources in an organization. This meant that HRMS would include complete databases. In other words so long as your HR technology needs are reasonably modest, a good HRMS could probably handle your employee management. Integration of placement management system plays a key role to understand the no of candidates to be placed.

  • Most organizations accumulate a large variety of applications in their architecture over time. This poses a huge challenge getting a common output of data held in these systems, for internal or external use. TerraLEAP API integration services helps to integrate data with third party applications such as B2B Job portal, HRMS, LMS, Inventory, and GPS based devices, Bio-metric devices. We can also consume data diverse domains such as shipping, payment, travel and social media, TerraLEAP has a lot of experience working with demand side platforms that integrate popular network APIs.

  • An integrated mobile app for B2B job portal is given to jobseeker which can used to be updated on any kinds of jobs posted and to find status of jobs which has already applied.

  • Start your Online Job Portal in no time with this affordable Recruitment Website.TerraLEAP provides a fully featured and ready-made website.
  • Upload any number of Job vacancies for any required position and at any required location.
  • TerraLEAP can Modify or build according to Organizational specifications or preference.
  • Employers can search for Job seekers by Experience wise, Location wise, Category wise and Skills wise which reduces the burden to HR of the Organization.
  • Our Job Matching technology is the Hub which enables Employers to find an efficient staff which suits their profile.
  • Examine the Candidate applying for the position and choose them accordingly.
  • Can Shortlist the Candidates with the help of their Resumes and their Bio-data, without calling them for an Interview.
  • An Online exam can be conducted by the Employer to the selected Candidates.
  • A Call letter can be sent to the shortlisted candidates through this application and call for the Interview.
  • Job flakes provides easy communication between the Employers and Job seekers which helps them to associate quickly.
  • Can conduct assessment for the Employee who applies for the higher position in his Organization.
  • Internal Job Postings can be done easily as TerraLEAP helps with the details of the Employee who are eligible to apply for the position assigned as per their criteria.