HR Management System(HRMS)

An able workforce is an asset, managing human resources well and retaining them, is therefore crucial in order to meet your business goals and objectives. TerraLEAP HRMS automate operational HR tasks, freeing up HR professionals time to focus more on strategies and outcomes rather than tracking and monitoring applicants and storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, benefits management and keeping track of attendance records. With TerraLEAP HRMS, HR professionals can keep up with competitive job markets and lower the learning curve of employee on boarding. HR managers can also better handle and approve time-off requests, accurately track employee information in the company database, HRMS has enable improvement in traditional processes and enhance strategic decision-making.

It challenges of maintenance costs and integration with other software. Hence can be integrated with any existing application in a pool of our applications and provides complete flexibility to the administrator by maintaining the overall contribution done by employee in particular project.

  • With TerraLEAP you can add and manage employees in your organization effortlessly. As an administrator you can register an individual employee and large group of employees can be added by option to bulk upload with an simple excel format.
  • With TerraLEAP, you can monitor your employees' in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked. Managers can track time and attendance from anywhere and at any time. You can use an API to integrate the attendance management software with any type of attendance terminals or with a customized GPS based attendance mobile app for your organization. Mobile app captures Entry and exit data of your employees will be captured with a photo and time stamp and the total number of hours worked will be calculated automatically.
  • Custom all types of leave across your organization, Leave types to individual job role and location, Location based holidays to employees. Maintaining a complete track of leaves taken by individual employee and reports based on various parameters which helps to understand and cut short unnecessary schedules and work towards the progress of organization.
  • Customize your working day calendar based on location and schedule the timings as per shifts and necessities.
  • HRMS can be integrated with Bio-metric device and Geo-tagging mobile app for accuracy of attendance and can also be integrated with other screening tools and devices based on requirements.
  • Appraisal will be given to individual employee based on their over all performance and their contribution to the organization. A report will be generated in administrator panel and necessary activities such has Promotions and increments can be given.
  • Recruitment process is made easy with HRMS as posting jobs and receiving applications by linking up the HRMS with website.