Assessment Management System(AMS)

TerraLEAP provides a customized Assessment Solution which is an indispensable way to judge whether the purpose of the training is being met. It also highlights the areas of improvement, in a particular individual, for enhancing their performance. The assessment enables educational institutes and organizations to explore and adapt various learning and training approaches, required to optimize the learning efficiency of a student or an employee.

TerraLEAP Assessment is an online/offline assessment tool helps to create various types of assessment for students via digital platform. Tests are designed to be taken on computers, tablets or other digital devices and evaluate their capabilities in various fields and also for administrators such as employers, teachers, HR Personals to test the skills of their students/employees. This is a cost- effective, flexible way of evaluation with respect to location and timing, reliability, reduced human effort, greater storage efficiency and enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia.

  • TerraLEAP platform offers a unique feature called "Advance Proctoring", where you can prevent candidate cheating by monitoring LIVE video and web image feeds of the candidate. TerraLEAP evaluates the candidate for assessment by capturing candidate’s attendance, Id proof and digital signature of the candidate. For all test administrators the assessment engine support both remote and live proctoring in both offline and online assessment proctoring providing a reasonable level of security for exams taken remotely.
  • Robustness of the TerraLEAP assessment engine provides a critical advantage for online proctoring which involves video streaming, desktop freezing, GPS enabled assessment, Etc.

  • TerraLEAP is inbuilt with geotagging feature which captures the geographical location metadata to particular event, activity, and media. Our platform supports geo tagging with geo-fencing also which enables the functionality of application.
  • If you have assigned user from particular location to appear for online assessment the system captures the attendance and Id proof of the user, you can track each activity of the use along with exact location of the login to the system with live monitoring and with image based proctoring in regular intervals. It is useful feature to identify of same user is logged in to the system from predefined location.

  • TerraLEAP mobile app ensures transparency, security and quality of the offline/online assessments. With syncing of information process on regular intervals TerraLEAP mobile app delivers its best service to educational institutions, government organizations, companies and corporates. The complete advanced proctoring features are also enabled in mobile app both during offline and online assessment. Assessment agencies and bodies using TerraLEAP Assessment Management System has conducted both offline, online and web based assessment in Sector skill council, Corporates, Government organizations and State govt bodies.

  • Traditionally HRMS were designed to facilitate the management of all resources in an organization. This meant that HRMS would include complete databases. In other words so long as your HR technology needs are reasonably modest, a good HRMS could probably handle your employee and assessor management. As the payroll of assessors is based on the assessment done by them and availability and appraisals are given based on their performance and feedback some integration of HRMS with Assessment engine plays a key role for all financial and decisive aspects of administration.

  • TerraLEAP Online MCQ Assessment Platform is a multifaceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test, and skill tests. It is highly configurable and supports multifunctional work flow to filter candidates between multiple sections of the assessment.
  • App based assessments which is user-friendly and is compatible to any Androids (Mobile, Laptop & for Tablet).
  • Easy login into the Assessment application with their Individual profiles’ so that they can monitor their performance.
  • Effectively monitors the learning methodology.
  • Highlights the requirement of additional training or practice skills.
  • Questionnaire can be in the form of Multiple choice, True/False, Fill-in the blanks, and Match the followings.
  • Assessment is based on limited time and attempts.
  • Evaluate the performance of the Employee/Student across the Organization.
  • Derive the proficiency on the Candidate within the Organization.
  • Advanced MIS reports.
  • Monitors Exam.
  • Certificate availability on completion of Assessment.