Enterprise Management System (Custom / Cloud)

TerraLEAP has customized Enterprise Management System (EMS) which enables the Skill Development Training Partners (PIA’s) to automate the process of SDMS life cycle from student mobilization to post placement tracking and also it assist Educational Institutions to maintain a complete track record and see the Progress of the student.

Our flexible EMS solution allows the organization to implement and integrate with any of their existing solutions.

TerraLEAP EMS Features

The key features of our Enterprise Management System (EMS):

  • Projects management (Govt. schemes and Company own schemes)
  • Center allocation to projects
  • Student Mobilization
  • Student Registration
  • Course and Batch Allocation to student
  • Trainer Allocation Batches
  • Student training and assigning to OJT
  • Student transactions in Installments or Tranches
  • Managing internal and external assessment results
  • Placements with employer details
  • Post placement tracking upto 12 months
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management

TerraLEAP EMS Benefits

The key benefits of our Enterprise Management System (EMS):

  • Empowered business users
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Lower outlay on IT Resources
  • Simplified system administration through application integration
  • Zero lead time for effective usage
  • Increased ROI on existing IT investments
  • Complete visibility over all enterprise processes
  • Better alignment of enterprise objectives to processes
  • Eliminates duplication of process management efforts
  • Anytime, anywhere access with multiple channels for task delivery and response - Email, Web, Windows forms, IM, SMS and Voice